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ALIENATED, by Melissa Landers

Alienated - Copy

The story: When she’s picked to host the first ever alien exchange student, Cara Sweeney just sees it as a ticket to a full-ride scholarship and a way to build a future career as a journalist. She would never dream that she’s lose a boyfriend, and then a best friend over it–or that she’d fall for a guy from the stars. Too bad the rest of the world isn’t quite so enchanted: there are hate groups and protests, and even hunky Aelyx isn’t quite what he seems. Is there any chance for such an out-of-this-world couple? Check it out–you’ll want to get Alienated too!

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: there’s plenty to like about this story–a smart heroine, a hottie alien boyfriend-has-to-be, a realistic look at the downside to being visited by aliens, the all-too-natural human opposition to anyone different (even when he really isn’t that different), and the social costs to Cara personally all ratchet up the tension of the will-they-won’t-they love story.


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