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Recommended books for grades 5-8

FIREFIGHT, by Brandon Sanderson

The story: Having overcome Steelheart, the Reckoners are on their way to New York to take down the next High Epic: Regalia, whose power over the waters has flooded Manhattan and turned skyscrapers into islands poking out of the sea. David (just call him Steelslayer), still in love with the Epic known as Firefight (you can call HER Megan) wants to believe that Epics can be brought back from the dark side, but with even Prof being pulled toward the abyss, he’s just as likely to be wrong. Problem is: if he’s wrong, one of them is bound to kill him.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: The Reckoners is one of my favorite series at this point. Start with “Steelheart” if you haven’t already read that one; if you like this series, also check out Sanderson’s “The Rithmatist”, and the Alcatraz Smedry books for middle readers.


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