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Recommended books for grades 5-8

CURVEBALL: The Year I Lost My Grip, by Jordan Sonnenblick


The story: Peter Friedman has big plans for high school: he and his friend AJ are going to make the varsity baseball team as freshmen, and with that comes fame, glory, and girls. But an injury during the championship game last spring still has Peter on the injured list, and on top of that, his grandpa is acting really strange…like he’s forgotten who he is. Plus there’s that cute girl in his photography class–could she really be looking at HIM? Life is so weird and crazy lately that it’s no wonder Peter’s losing his grip!

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Jordan Sonnenblick is a writer who totally gets what’s going on inside a teenage boy’s head. If you’re a teenage boy (or if you’ve ever wondered what’s going on there when it comes to teenage boys), check out this and all of his other books!


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