Middle School / Books Rule!
Recommended books for grades 5-8

WE WERE LIARS, by E. Lockhart


The story: Cady and her cousins are rich, pampered, maybe even spoiled. But in their 15th summer of living on a private island off the coast of Massachusetts, they come to find out with disturbing finality that bad things…terrible things…can happen even to people who thought they were safe from the stuff that happen to regular people. And now, struggling with a head wound and amnesia, Cady comes back to the island to try to find the answers to how everything went so tragically wrong.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: If you’ve ever wondered how rich peoples’ lives are different from yours, take a look at this story and find out. And if you’ve ever thought that maybe theirs are magically charmed so that nothing bad ever happens, think again! Here’s a warning though: plenty of bad words in this one!


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