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SO CLOSE TO YOU, by Rachel Carter

Close to you

The story: All her life, Lydia has heard stories about the mysterious “Montauk Project”, headquartered on their island during World War II. Her grandfather is not only convinced that the stories are true, but he’s sure the Project had something to do with his father’s disappearance during the War. Lydia is NOT a believer when Grandpa starts talking about the Project…until she herself becomes an experiment in it. Now, stuck nearly 70 years in past, Lydia has to figure out how to save her great-grandfather–and how to get home. If she gets it wrong, he’ll be dead…and she’ll be stranded for good.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This is really a historical romance disguised as a time-travel novel. If you’re a girl who likes science fiction, historical fiction and/or stories about time travel, check this one out!


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