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The story: Would being stuck in a library, unable to leave unless you found a secret escape route, be your fondest dream or your worst nightmare? Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if you were trapped in Mr. Lemoncello’s library: he’s the most famous game maker in the world, and the pathway to escape is like a huge video game being played in real time. Levels! Challenges! Pitfalls! The winner will find fame and fortune, while the loser…goes home a loser. Will snotty Charles Chiltington be that winner, or regular guy Kyle Keeley? Find out when you read this really fun puzzle of a book.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This is a clever, fun-filled run through the library with lots of book-related humor that’s kind of like those wink-wink jokes in Disney films that you finally figure out in middle school. Okay, so maybe I’m prejudiced because it takes place in a LIBRARY, but this library is kind of like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory: unlike the regular version in just about every way…even the Dewey Decimal System is cool here!


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