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THE CHAOS OF STARS, by Kiersten White

chaos of stars
The story: Isadora is the mortal daughter of Osiris and Isis, ancient Egyptian gods of great power. So why does life in Egypt stink? Turns out that even immortals have trouble with their teens. When her parents unexpectedly send her to visit her brother in southern California, things start to look up–especially when Isadora meets oh-so-hunky Ry (aka Orion). What could go wrong? Oh wait…except the part where her half-brother Anubis is planning to overthrow the world of the dead, including Osiris…

June Cleaver’s rating: language PG; violence PG; sexual content PG; nudity PG; substance abuse PG; magic and the occult PG-13; GLBT content G; adult themes (mythological seduction) PG; overall rating PG.

Liz’s comments: If you’re looking for a story with a girl, a cute guy, and a mystery with both magic and adventure, check this one out! (Don’t worry too much about the Egyptian mythology at the beginning of each chapter–it makes more sense as you get further into it.)


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