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Recommended books for grades 5-8


Hero's Guide
The story: four Princes Charming from four separate fairy tales decide they’ve had enough: enough of just being the handsome face, enough of being the muscle that gets the beautiful princess out of her dilemma, ENOUGH of not even getting their names mentioned when the song comes out! Almost by accident, the guys start off on their own adventure–where they fight a dragon, face down a giant, rescue the bards, and take care of the evil witch once and for all–with only a little help from the girls. This time, their names will be in the song for sure!

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: this was a fun and funny story told completely from the princes’ eye view–now that’s a switch! There’s plenty of action and adventure, and the princes get the UN-fairy-tale-like taste of what it feels like to fail in areas where they’ve usually been a star–and to figure out the ways that non-fighters can also occasionally bring an adventure to an acceptable conclusion!

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