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Recommended books for grades 5-8


PegasusThe story: Olympus is at war, under siege by the mindlessly destructive Nirads. This has direct consequences for New York City, where the lightning bolts of the gods have turned into the storm of the century. Even more amazing for Emily is finding, in the wake of the storm, that a horse has crash landed on the roof of her Manhattan apartment–and not just any horse: it’s Pegasus, barely escaped from Olympus, sent on a mission by Jupiter himself. But the horse is badly wounded, and the alien-detection department of the government is determined to capture him and make sure he never sees the light of day again. It’s up to Emily to outwit the bad guys (both human and Olympian)and make sure Pegasus makes it back…even if she has to sacrifice herself to make it happen.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This fast-moving fantasy features a spunky girl, a reluctant guy sidekick, a secret, evil branch of the government, and of course, every girl’s dream horse: Pegasus himself. This is for fantasy lovers, horse lovers, and the occasional MS guy fantasy lover who isn’t afraid to read a story with a girl as the main character!


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