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TEXAS GOTHIC, by Rosemary Clement-Moore

Texas gothic
The story: Amy Goodnight walks a fine line between the ordinary and the occult. Her family does more than just dabble in magic–but Amy wants to be normal, and to accomplish that, there’s a lot she keeps hidden from those around her. It all works well enough until she accidentally promises a ghost to find his bones and lay him to rest–little does she know that there are others who will do just about anything to prevent that from happening. They’re even willing to kill. Lucky for her, even though handsome Ben McCulloch drives her crazy, he generally happens to be around when the bad guys make a move. Wait–luck? Or…magic?

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: I really liked this one, by homegrown Texas author Moore. It had some good creepy parts, but nothing horrifying or gruesome. Amy is a spunky heroine with a kooky but likable family; she’s also smart, on her way to college, and not one to just fall for a pretty face. (Although that doesn’t hurt either!)


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