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Recommended books for grades 5-8

THE GIVER, by Lois Lowry


The story: Jonas lives in a world that is safe, well ordered, and predictable. Everyone does a job they like, everyone is polite, and there’s no suffering, crime, or war. Why would anyone want to escape from such a place? Especially if they didn’t know there was any other choice. Because that’s another thing they don’t have in Jonas’s world: a choice. But who in their right mind would choose freedom over safety, anyway?

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Of course, this isn’t a new book–in fact, it’s one of the first dystopian YA novels, and you may even read it in school. (But that doesn’t mean it’s no good!) The story raises great questions that all kids should read and think about: would you be willing to trade the ability to choose for safety? The possibility of falling in love for a life without pain? A world full of imperfect people for one where those who weren’t quite all there didn’t exist at all? Enter the world of “The Giver” and see if you agree with Jonas’s answers.


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