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Recommended books for grades 5-8


The story: A typo delivers an unexpected email to Ellie O’Neill from a fun and funny guy on the other side of the country, and an online correspondence is born. Ellie is soon looking forward to the daily, even hourly, messages from GDL. It’s unlike any friendship she’s ever had: she doesn’t even know his name. For Graham, getting to know a girl without first telling her his name is a big plus…because it’s a name she already knows, and most girls can’t get past it. When fate brings a movie shoot to her small town, Ellie could never have dreamed it was because teen heartthrob Graham Larkin planned it that way–and by the time she figures it out, it may already be too late.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Here’s a romance novel for fans of Sarah Dessen and Elizabeth Eulberg. There’s a girl, there’s a boy, there’s a problem that makes it look like nothing can work out between them–but with just the right amount of serendipity, everything turns out at the end. If you like this one, you should also check out Ms. Smith’s “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight,” which is just as good.


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