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Recommended books for grades 5-8


Alien Detection

The story: from completely different areas of the country, three 8th-graders stumble onto the biggest story of the century (or maybe ever): aliens getting ready to invade, already running experiments on earthlings to decide whether to wipe them out entirely, or just allow them to survive as a sub-species. Don’t let the cartoon-like front cover fool you: life on earth is about to come to an end if Suza, Dodger, and Haley can’t solve the puzzle in time.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Don’t judge this book by its cover! Just looking at it, I thought this was going to be an extra-terrestrial sci-fi parody–but much to my surprise (and despite some funny, accurate MS humor), it turned out to be an action-filled story about aliens, kids who interact with aliens, and the conflict between following your dreams and doing what’s right for your family. Boys: you’ll like this book, and there IS a boy as a main character–but he doesn’t show up until Part 2, about 150 pages in. So be patient!


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