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The story: They come from different worlds. June is the Republic’s Prodigy: young, smart, a rising star being groomed for greatness. Day lives by his wits, just one fight–or one fall–away from a quick death. If times were normal, they would never meet. But times are not normal. June’s brother is murdered, and Day is framed for the crime. She vows to track him down and make him pay. But when she finds him, she finds a whole lot more than she expected: she finds that the Republic has set both of them up, that a shadowy person has ordered her brother’s death, and that the plague that’s killed so many has been engineered by the government. Even more startling, she finds…love.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This is an action-packed dystopian read, every bit as good as Divergent (and shorter, which is actually a plus for many MS readers!). If you’ve finished The Hunger Games books and the Divergent series, here’s your next read!


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