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SCARLET and CRESS, by Marissa Meyer


The stories: SCARLET: Cinder is on the run from the Lunar operatives who want to kill her. Her plan: find Michelle Benoit, who may know how and why Cinder was brought to earth from Luna thirteen years ago. Scarlet helps her grandmother Michelle on a farm in France until the day the old woman disappears. Scarlet realizes her grand-mere has been kidnapped and is determined to find her. The two girls, their lives in mortal danger, have absolutely nothing in common…except the secret that’s threatening to kill them both.CRESS: First came Cinder, then Scarlet. Add Cress into the mix, and what do you get? Three girls, three guys, and three action-packed story lines all tying together into one great read! Cress has been marooned aboard a satellite circling Luna, forced to do Queen Levana’s dirty work for years. So when she gets the chance to jump ship and join up with Cinder’s ragtag group of fugitives, she doesn’t think twice before jumping out of her orbiting frying pan…and straight into the fire.

June Cleaver’s ratings: Language PG; Nudity G; Sexual Content PG; Violence PG-13; Substance Abuse PG; Magic & the Occult G; GLBT Content G; Adult Themes PG (epidemics and genocide); overall rating PG.

Liz’s comments: Books 2-3 in The Lunar Chronicles from Marissa Meyer, who does a great job interweaving the stories of Scarlet and Wolf, Cinder and Kai, Cress and Thorne. Don’t be fooled! Even though the covers are girly, guys will like these books too. (You’ll definitely want to read Cinder first if you haven’t already.)


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