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Recommended books for grades 5-8

RETURN TO ME, by Justina Chen


The story: Reb longs to get away from her controlling, list-making mother, and she’s planned her escape: attend a college at the opposite end of the country. The only drawback is leaving Jackson, a boy who could be her soul mate, behind. But when her dad gets an unexpected job offer in New York City, mom kick starts the family into moving mode–and it turns out they’re all going to be living less than an hour away from her college dorm–plenty close for Mom to be making unexpected visits. Even worse, once the family’s boxes are delivered, her father delivers some earth-shattering news: he’s leaving. Now what? Betrayed by her father, separated from her best friends, and stuck in a new place with a mom who drives her crazy, Reb has to learn to cope with her new reality. Or even harder: figure out how to make herself an all-new reality.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: If you’re a fan of Sarah Dessen’s books, you’ll like this one too!  Justina Chen is also the author of “North of Beautiful”, another story about a girl who deals with really hard things but manages to come out on top.


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