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PARTIALS, by Dan Wells



The story: Ten thousand humans are all that’s left of the population of the United States. Huddled together on Long Island, they live in fear and loathing of Partials–engineered organic beings identical to humans whom they blame for the weaponized virus that killed everyone else–and medic Kira is determined to find a cure. Unexpectedly, she discovers that something strange is going on with the Partials too–and that the survival of both humans and Partials will rely on whether the finds the right answers to her questions at a time when asking those questions can get her killed.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: A great read for those looking for a walk on the post-apocalyptic side. But be warned! This isn’t an easy one, and it’s definitely best for readers 8th grade and up. Otherwise, it’s a little too much like getting married: quite the long-term commitment.


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