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Recommended books for grades 5-8

HOUSE OF SECRETS, by Chris Colombus


The story: When the Walker kids move with their parents into the ancient, eerie Kristoff House, they instantly suspect something’s not right. And that’s BEFORE they’re attacked by the Wind Witch, their parents go missing, and the entire house is thrust into a crazy mashup of settings taken from the books of Denver Kristoff, an old-time bestselling author. Kristoff’s daughter, now the Wind Witch, sends the kids on a mission: find a missing book of immense power, or never see your parents again. The kids pick up a World War I pilot as a buddy, battle warriors, giants, pirates, and skeletons–and that’s just in book 1! Sequel is “Battle of the Beasts”.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This is the first in a series, with more action than an action movie–oh wait, that’s because movie director Chris Columbus is a co-author with Ned Vizzini. The kids move from one cliff-hanger to the next in this wild and crazy ride!


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