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The story: Beneath the concrete and cars, there’s a New York City no one knows about—except for Rory Hennessey, who’s the only one able to see it. He’s the last “Light” in New York, and only he knows that layered under modern Manhattan is a spirit city inhabited by warrior cockroaches, kick-butt rodents, evil subway trains, animated gargoyles, and people made of paper-mache. This shadowy world is ruled by the “gods” of Manhattan–any New Yorker, good or bad, famous enough to be remembered after he dies. And when the bad ones realize Rory can see them, all of a sudden his life expectancy goes…way down.  Can he find the good guys to make sure evil doesn’t take over NYC completely?

 Mrs. Friend’s opinion:  Move over, Percy Jackson!  Any MS kid who likes “The Lightning Thief” will like this one too.




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