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Recommended books for grades 5-8

DON’T TURN AROUND, by Michelle Gagnon



The story: Noa, the ultimate hacker, awakens to find out that the ultimate hack has been performed on her: literally. Someone has cut into her body to perform an illegal medical experiment. Now she’s angry, and determined to find out who’s behind it. Enter Peter Gregory: rich kid and the leader of ALLIANCE, a group of “hacktivists”. He’s angry too: after digging a little too deep into the activities of a shadowy corporation known as AMRF, his site is shut down, his parents threatened, and his own life put at risk. When Noa and Peter collide on their separate missions, they realize they have something big in common: an unknown corporation determined to shut them down, keep them apart, and kill them if necessary. Are they good enough to take on the shadows and find out what AMRF is hiding? They’d better be…or they’ll be dead.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This is a high-octane look into the world of computers, hackers, and their power over what goes on in our lives. The action never stops in this one!


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