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Recommended books for grades 5-8

SWAGGER, by Carl Deuker


The story: When Jonas moves to Seattle his senior year, he’s afraid his chances for a basketball scholarship are going to fizzle. But his new team turns out to sizzle, not fizzle–and even a state championship could be within reach. But something creepy…something downright wrong…is going on with one of Jonas’s new friends, and he’s left with a gut-wrenching choice: out the bad guy and lose his chance for the scholarship, or just keep quiet, keep playing, and keep his chance to go to college?

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: One thing I really like about Carl Deuker is that in his books, if you run explosives for terrorists, someone or something around you is going to get blown up. If you take steroids, you may finally kick the habit, but there’s no denying that you’re still always thinking about the gym candy, no matter how much it messed up your life. Here, Jonas wants to do what’s right–but he finds out that sometimes life paints you into a corner and you end up losing no matter which way you choose. For me, the book’s only downside was that I thought there was too much basketball. Kids who are big basketball fans will love the play-by-play action, and even if you’re not a big fan, the story behind the game is really good…as long as you’re not looking for a cheesy happy ending.


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