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EYE OF MINDS, by James Dashner



The story: In a future world, you get your thrills on the VirtNet–and the more money, and skills, that you have, the bigger the thrills. In fact, you could spend your whole life plugged into this virtual reality…pretty much what Michael does. But when a legendary gamer goes rogue and starts taking taking people hostage in the VirtNet, things start getting a little less comfortable–and when the government decides they need to use a hacker to catch one, they choose Michael. He thinks he’s up for the challenge…but what he doesn’t know will change his life forever. It may even change the way he defines the word “life”.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion:  If you’re a fan of the “Maze Runner” series, good news!  Dashner does a great job of immersing you in the world of sci-fi gaming.  But here’s a tip: don’t give it up just because you don’t understand some of the gaming talk–you’ll figure it out as things go along. This is a cool action/adventure story with an awesome twist at the end–kind of like Brian Falker’s book “Brain Jack”…only different!


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