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The story: There are lots of choices you can make to help yourself survive as a member of a colony on the surface of Mars. Choose wisely, and you’ll end up as a hero, on your way back home to brag to the other kids home on Earth. Mess up, and you’ll find yourself stranded. Or dead. What will happen in YOUR worst-case scenario?

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: I thought this was cool–enough so that I went through and followed several of the scenarios through to the end. More than one ended up with “you” dead on the surface of the planet, or just having a ho-hum existence during your time there. Make all the right choices, though, and you end up a hero. The mission handbook at the back is full of information that helps readers make good choices so they don’t end up dead TOO often…but even if they do, they can always back it up and go a different way. Good for boys (but don’t get it if you’re a kid who has to read a book straight through–it doesn’t work that way here!). There are several others in the series, including Everest, Amazon, and Deadly Seas.


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