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Recommended books for grades 5-8

THE HYPNOTISTS, by Gordon Korman

The story: Jackson Opus is seeing things, but it’s worse than that: every time he does, the “vision” he sees comes true, and the person he directs to do something does it–from bus drivers to performing magicians. Jax doesn’t know what’s going on until he’s approached by Dr. Mako of the Sentia institute, who helps him recognize his hypnotic abilities and teaches him how to use them. But there’s something Jax doesn’t know: he’s being trained to take over the world. And not for the good guys.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This is definitely a change from the trademark Gordon Korman 5-8 book, which usually features a smart-mouth kid getting into trouble for one reason or another–this reads more like a thriller, and so is something of a surprise when the only was sassing that goes on is between Jax and his friend Tommy. In fact, Jax’s hypnotic abilities are pretty much a super power, and there’s a lot to like here for any kid who’s a fan of an adventure-filled story with just a hint of magic!


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