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The story: Sean Rosen has an idea that will change the business of entertainment as we know it. But he doesn’t have an agent, and he doesn’t have a manager. And since he’s only 13, nobody will talk to him with out a manager or an agent. So Sean does what any normal kid would do–he invents a manager, sets “Dan Welch” up with an email and a company name, and sets off to represent himself. So…will he get famous? Or will he just get busted?

Mrs. Friend’s opinion:  this was a really fun story about a kid going after what he wants. All the way through, you’re thinking “there’s no way he can pull this off”–but when he does, you want to give him a high five for going after what he really wants  More kids should try it!. (Although they don’t always have to leave their parents completely out of the loop like Sean does.)  🙂


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