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Recommended books for grades 5-8

DOLL BONES, by Holly Black



The story: Zach, Poppy and Alice have been playing together for years, but things have suddenly gotten weird between them. When Zach’s dad throws his action figures away, Zach decides he’s done playing imaginary games with girls–but then the girls come up with one last adventure, and Zach gets pulled in. Little do they know that the ghost in Poppy’s story is a real one, and that their final escapade will land them in the deepest trouble of their lives.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Holly Black has written something for everyone: THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES for younger readers, the CURSE WORKERS series for middle school, and the MODERN FAERIE TALES series for high school.  Her latest story is great for middle school readers–or anyone who’s standing on the verge of a big change in their life and not knowing exactly how things are going to work out for them and their friends.  That may be the scariest thing of all.   I really liked this one!


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