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Recommended books for grades 5-8

A MATTER OF DAYS, by Amber Kizer



The story: Their parents are dead. In fact, everyone they know is dead–except possibly their grandfather, a survival expert they’ve never met. Now Nadia and Rabbit have to make a 3,000-mile journey to find their lost family–but on the way, it’s impossible to know who’ll help you out and who’ll kill you for your food supplies. Impossible to know…until it’s too late.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: If you’ve ever wondered how people would act if a worldwide outbreak of a killer disease really did finish off 95% of the population, this is your book.  Although it’s not very positive, it’s probably pretty accurate! There’s lots of bad behavior that no one stops because pretty much everyone who might care about it is dead, but there’s also the occasional glimmer of light as a few people try to do the right thing. Not a real upbeat read–but then, no one reads dystopian fiction for the rainbows and fairies!


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