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BAD UNICORN, by Platte F. Clark

bad unicorn

The story: Max is a geeky kid, picked on by bullies. Who would ever have guessed that he’s the descendant of the greatest sorcerer ever known in the Magrus? Princess the Destroyer is a bad unicorn, and one of two magical creatures who can cross between Magrus (the magical realm) and Techrus (the human realm). Evil magician Rezormoor wants to be able to cross in order to find the Codex of Infinite Knowability (a book containing the 13 Prime Spells that will enable him to control everything). Princess is good to go on this quest because she’s already eaten every human being in the Magrus–and the only thing that stands between her, Rezormoor, and ultimate domination is the dorky kid with the glasses. But there may be more to Max than it seems! Stuck with the carnivorous unicorn on his trail, Max must find the courage to save himself, his friends, and the entire human race…

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: There are some really funny moments in this book, which goes between Max’s story in the Techrus and Princess/Rezormoor’s stories in the Magrus. The magical realm is a kind of mashup of 80s video games and Dungeons & Dragons…not a bad thing if you know what’s up with those, but kind of confusing if you don’t. If you’re willing to think about and figure out the magical parts, you’ll be fine–but if you’re looking for an easy-peasy read, this is not the right book!


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