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ONE CAME HOME, by Amy Timberlake

<a href="https://middleschoolbooksrule.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/one-came-One came home

The story: Georgie’s sister has disappeared. Bits and pieces of a body wearing Agatha’s best dress have turned up, and a funeral is held–but George refuses to believe that her sister is dead. Armed with her trusty Springfield single-shot rifle, Georgie decides to beg, borrow (or steal) a horse and follow Agatha’s trail. She expects to find her sister, but what she doesn’t expect is mayhem, crime, possible murder…or the help of the handsomest guy in town.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This story has three great things going for it: first, it’s a mystery, always good; second, it’s historical fiction about something most Americans know nothing about (the great passenger pigeon migrations of the 1800s); and finally, it has a feisty, funny 13-year-old heroine determined to make things right with her sister, even if she has to use a gun to do it. Georgie always has something entertaining to say about everything–even the fact that she’s the only girl in town who’s shot off a bad guy’s thumb.  Here’s a great entry for a whole bunch of categories!


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