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SUMMER OF THE MARIPOSAS, by Guadalupe Garcia McCall


The story: Odilia and her four sisters are swimming in the Rio Grande when they bump into…a corpse.  They know they need to return the man’s body to his family, but he comes from across the border in Mexico.  How will the girls ever get across?  It’s going to take more than just “borrowing” a car and driving south–it’s going to take some serious magic. 

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: this is an interesting but kind of strange mash-up of contemporary teen fiction and fantasy. Figures from Mexican folklore–both La Llorona and the Aztec goddess Tonantzin–come to the sisters’ aid as they end up fighting some scary occult characters like a warlock, lechuzas (kind of a vicious, steel-clawed vulture-owl)and chupacabras.  If you like a story about girls kicking monster booty while trying to get along with each other and figure out where they’re heading in life, this could be a great story for you!


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