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UNDER THE NEVER SKY, by Veronia Rossi

Never sky

The story: Hundreds of years after a massive atmospheric disturbance, Dwellers live in pods and try to keep their lives together.  Outsiders rely on nature–and on the strange mutations that have come from living there–to keep them alive.  Each is the other’s sworn enemy.  When an attempt to contact her mother, missing in the Outside, takes Aria away from the safety of the pods, her world collides with Perry’s.  She comes to realize he’s not a Savage after all–and that there’s more to both of them than either could ever have understood alone.  But will they survive long enough to test their new powers…much less fall in love?

Mrs. Friend says:  If you like dystopian/post-apocalyptic fiction, this series could very well be the next HUNGER GAMES or DIVERGENT.  Sequels are THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT and INTO THE STILL BLUE.


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