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The story: In the desert land of Quill, anyone who shows any kind of artistic or creative talent is Unwanted.  Quillens follow rules, conserve resources, and are strictly logical.  When Alex and Aaron Stowe turn 13, they know that Alex, who just can’t seem to keep the rules, will be deemed Unwanted and sent to the Death Farm, while Aaron is on his way to Wanted University to be trained as a future leader of Quill.  So imagine Alex’s surprise when, instead of a death camp, he finds a community protected by magic, where art and music are valued.  Little does he know that the people of Quill already suspect something, and that his  homesickness will bring them to the edge of disaster!

Mrs. Friend says: This is a cool new fantasy series with a great magical fight at the end!  Sequels are ISLAND OF SILENCE and ISLAND OF FIRE.


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