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Recommended books for grades 5-8

THE NAME OF THE STAR (Shades of London, Book 1), by Maureen Johnson

ImageThe story: Rory Deveux has just started school in Londdon when a near-death experience changes her life forever.  Suddenly, she is now able to see ghosts.  And ghosts are everywhere in London.  Most of them aren’t going to cause any trouble for her, but there’s always an exception.  A series of Jack-the-Ripper style murders is taking place in London, and one night, Rory sees what could very likely be the murderer at the scene of a crime.  The only problem–the person with her doesn’t see anything, and Rory realizes that the murderer is a ghost.  How can she catch him before he gets to her…permanently?

Mrs. Friend says: I’m usually not into creepy stories, but I thought this ghost story was awesome!  The sequel is THE MADNESS UNDERNEATH.


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