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Recommended books for grades 5-8

ROT & RUIN (Benny Imura series #1), by Jonathan Maberry

ImageThe story: More than a decade ago, First Night killed most of the earth’s population–who all came back as zombies. Now the regular folks live in small, walled towns, desperate to pretend that things are just like they used to be. Benny Imura wants to avoid the “family business” of zombie hunting outside the walls, convinced that his brother Tom is a coward despite his kick-butt reputation. But when that’s the only job available, Benny goes to work…and finds out more about quieting zombies, and more about his brother and all the other famous bounty hunters, than he ever imagined. Who knew that the ugly truth could turn out to be even uglier than you expected?

Mrs. Friend says: So am I a fan of zombie fiction? Generally, a  big, fat  “NO”. But you know what? I have to make an exception for “Rot & Ruin” — this one gets two thumbs up. If violence and gore are not your thing, though, skip this series. Sequels are: DUST & DECAY, FLESH & BONE, and FIRE & ASH.


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