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The story: Elliot North sacrificed the thing she loved most to keep her home and family safe. Now, four years later, Kai Wentforth has returned–no longer the boy she grew up with or a servant of the household, but an explorer who’s found both fame and fortune. Elliot sees the contempt Kai has for her moneyed, land-owning class, and knows that things can never be the same between them. At least…her head knows it. Her heart is a different thing.

Mrs. Friend says: This is a story of people who live far in the future but act like it’s far in the past.  A genetic malfunction has wiped out (or “Reduced”) most of the population, so the ones who were unaffected became the nearly-royal Luddites, and everyone else exists to serve them.  I really liked this story, but its post-apocalyptic New Zealand setting requires some thought to understand–so if you’re looking for a love story that goes a little deeper than just boy-loses-girl, this could be a good one for you!


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