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Recommended books for grades 5-8

STEELHEART, by Brandon Sanderson


The story: David has spent his life seeking revenge against Steelheart, the Epic (a being with super-human powers) who murdered his
father. The teen has the knowledge to infiltrate The Reckoners, a top-secret group whose agenda has only one item: overthrow Steelheart and any other Epic they can find. Although their agendas are the same, each member of the team has secrets–secrets that make them stronger individually, but which could lead to the defeat of everything they’re working for. But David has crucial information no other Reckoner has ever known: he’s seen Steelheart bleed. He knows the Epic can be brought down somehow, and David wants in.

Mrs. Friend says: This is another really awesome YA story from Brandon Sanderson (check out The Rithmatist as well), taking place in a world where it’s never light.  If you like stories set in post-apocalyptic America…think The Hunger Games…check this one out!  (But just so you know…it’s not an easy read!  You have to be willing to do some thinking, both on this one and on The Rithmatist.  But the effort is totally worth it!)


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