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Recommended books for grades 5-8

SHELTER and SECONDS AWAY, by Harlan Coben


The story: Mickey: his mom’s in rehab, and his dad’s dead. (Or is he?) Ema: fat goth girl whose dad runs an illegal moonshine still. (Or does he?) Spoon: dweeb with a pencil protector whose dad has keys to everything in the school. (That part’s true.) When the three “not it” kids are brought together by chance, they find themselves pulled into a mystery that could get them kidnapped, beaten up, or incinerated. Is it worth it to find out why popular Rachel is willing to be their friend–or how she gets shot? Or how the Bat Lady and the Abeona Shelter tie into all this? Is it worth it to see if Mickey’s dad really IS dead? The answers…are only Seconds Away.<


Mrs. Friend says: Go, Mickey! If you like a good mystery with lots going on (in fact, even more than one mystery at a time, although of course they all end up woven together at the end) then check out Harlan Coben’s Mickey Bolitar series.  


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