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PROPHECY, by Ellen Oh


The story: Kira is a demon slayer. She’s also niece to the king, and daughter to the king’s chief general. So it’s kind of strange that everyone hates her–maybe it’s those yellow eyes. She is an undercover dispatcher of imps, goblins, and demons; the population at large doesn’t even know for sure that such things exist (the king keeps it quiet to prevent panic) but in the meantime, rumors about her are everywhere. Even worse than the rumors: Kira also has frightening visions about armies of  demons gathering to overthrow the kingdom–but when she’s assigned to spirit the king’s son to safety, the visions don’t warn her about the other dangers lurking around her: kidnapping, war…falling in love. What’s a demon fighter to do when the prophecies are unclear and the mystery man is so fascinating?

Mrs. Friend says: You’ve gotta love a good fantasy–and especially one that explores an unfamiliar mythology, this time Korean. This one features a complex heroine who’s got enough action moves that even guy readers will be able to forgive her for being a girl!  (If you like this one, be on the lookout for, book 2 in the series.)


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