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Recommended books for grades 5-8

EVE AND ADAM, by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate


The story: When Eve Spiker is nearly killed in a terrible accident, her mother lets the teen take her mind off the pain by using a custom computer program to build the perfect guy. Little does Eve realize it’s not make-believe: her mother, a top-notch geneticist, has created a system that not only designs, but assembles, living beings from the genetic level up. When Eve meets Solo Plissken, she realizes there’s a lot more to learn…and hate…about her mother. Can E.V. and Solo steal the information that exposes Spiker Pharmaceuticals and get it uploaded to YouTube before Spiker’s thugs put a violent end to their plans?

Mrs. Friend says: put this one in the Thriller category–there’s a ton going on all the way through, and yet Grant and Applegate manage to actually finish the story in one book and not cliff-hanger it into a trilogy (THANK you!).

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