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Recommended books for grades 5-8

UNSOULED (“Unwind Dystology” book 3), by Neal Shusterman


The story: Abortion is illegal, but no worries: if you have an unruly teen, you can simply have him/her “unwound”. Their body parts will go to help people who need organ transplants, and the kid will go on living, and contributing to society, in a “divided” state. This is the third book in the UNWIND DYSTOLOGY, which starts with Unwind and also includes Unwholly. Connor, AKA the “Akron AWOL”, is still on the run, knowing that if he’s captured, he’s not yet old enough to automatically escape being unwound. Risa, who managed to stage an escape of her own in Unwholly is hoping to find Connor; Cam, the “rewind” engineered as proof of the positive aspects of unwinding, is frantically looking for Risa–and Proactive Citizenry is desperately seeking Cam, whom they regard as their property (so much for an end to slavery all those years ago!). As for Lev–he’s just looking to find a little peace. Of course…you don’t always get what you’re looking for, especially in dystopian fiction…

Mrs. Friend says: The Unwind is cool and creepy!  Word is that Neal Shusterman has a made a movie deal for the stories, so hopefully we’ll be seeing them up on the big screen soon.


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