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The story: in the Ununited Kingdom (yep, the UK), magic is fading. Sorcerers used to wield Giant Cosmic Power; now their spells are limited to unclogging drains and, occasionally, re-wiring a house. Jennifer Strange runs a magical employment agency–but who calls a magician when they can just call the plumber?  Unexpectedly, when local soothsayers predict the death of the last dragon, there’s a sudden rush to cash in on the magical power released by such an event.  And stranger still (even for a girl named Strange!) it turns out that fate has chosen Jennifer to be the Last Dragonslayer–not a job she’s interested in. In fact, she thinks the dragons should be studied by science, not killed by dorky knight wanna-bes who don’t even have shining armor. But with the biggest real estate rush in history happening, and two countries about to go to war over the whole thing, she may end up doing exactly that. Wait!  Shouldn’t a person have at least a LITTLE say when fate comes knocking on her door?

Mrs. Friend says: Two thumbs up for this one!  Not only is Jennifer Strange a really fun heroine, but she’s also one who’s committed to doing what she feels is the right thing, regardless of the consequences.  Of course, that just seems to complicate everything all the way through the book, but surprise! At the end, it all works out (except the part about the Quarkbeast, but I’m expecting that to be resolved in the next installment).  Plus, the narration is really funny (if you’re paying attention, anyway…)!


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