Middle School / Books Rule!
Recommended books for grades 5-8

THE SCREAMING STAIRCASE (Lockwood & Co. Book 1), by Jonathan Stroud


The story: There’s a Problem in Britain: ghosts are overrunning everything, but only kids of a certain age can actually see them–so companies featuring kid ghost-hunters have cropped up all over London. Lucy Carlyle, a talented ghost hunter, joins up with company owner Lockwood and research whiz-kid George to form an unorthodox but very kick-booty ghostbusting team.  But the Screaming Staircase has been scaring even adults literally to death since long before the Problem started–so how could mere kids be a match for ghostly monks with razor-sharp claws? (If you like this one, make sure to check out Jonathan Stroud’s earlier books: the Bartimaeus Trilogy, and Heroes of the Valley. Fat books, but awesome!)


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