Middle School / Books Rule!
Recommended books for grades 5-8

POP, by Gordon Korman

Marcus knows he’s good at football – but the team in his new town couldn’t care less.  They had a perfect season last year, and Marcus gets stuck with the wanna-bes, playing a position he doesn’t want to play.  His plan is to keep working hard and to work his way up to being quarterback, so when he meets Charlie at the park, he quickly figures out that the older guy KNOWS football – and has some great moves to teach him.

Everything isn’t what it seems, though.  Yeah, Charlie is a former NFL linebacker and can mastermind a killer prank.  But he’s erratic and even Marcus soon figures out something else is going on.  Can he help Charlie, win a spot on the team (against Charlie’s son) and keep track of a hot cheerleader girlfriend at the same time?  Read POP and find out!

PS – There are some great football moments in the book, so if you’re a fan, check this one out!


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