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Recommended books for grades 5-8

NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL, by Justina Chen Headley


If “Beautiful” is a place, then Terra lives just north of it.  She has a great shape and nice features – except for the large, purple port wine stain on her cheek.  Even worse, her verbally abusive father never lets her forget about her birth defect.  She can’t wait to get out of town, into college and into a life of her own … until she meets Jacob, an Asian Goth-style kid with a cleft lip and a totally different attitude.  She and her beaten-down mom eventually travel to China with Jacob and his mother, and they discover that they can make a whole different map of the world – their own world.  This is a great story about finding your own inner beauty, and not letting the world (or even your father) tell you how to see yourself, or how your life should be lived.


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