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Recommended books for grades 5-8

WHEN YOU REACH ME, by Rebecca Stead

2009 Newbery Award winner!

 “I’m coming to save your life … and my own.”  When Miranda starts receiving a series of notes from someone who seems to know her future, it’s a little scary.  But life has to go on:  her best friend Salvador all of a sudden won’t speak to her; she makes friends with Julia but worries that it’s only temporary;  even weirder, her mother is going on a game show to try to make her fortune!  And then there’s Marcus – he seems like a nice kid, but he’s the one that started all the trouble with Sal in the first place.

This book goes along, showing what it’s like in junior high and how crazy kids can be to each other – and then, all of a sudden, bang!  You’re right in the middle of a science fiction book set in sixth grade.  When you get to the end, you might just go “Whoa…” and then start reading it all over again.  An interesing and unexpected story.


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