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One horse. Two enemies who love him. Who wins?

Will de Granville dreams of finding glory as he joins King Richard’s crusade to free Jerusalem from the Muslims.  Kamal, ward of the great Muslim warrior Saladin, dreams of revenge against the Christians who murdered his family.  Tying both together is Hosanna, the blood-red horse  belonging to Will, captured by Kamal, and loved by both.  This book is the first in The De Granville Trilogy and shows the realities of war in the Middle Ages as well as what life was like for the people (mostly women) who got left behind.  The best character of all is Hosanna, and you’ll find yourself really caring about what happens to him.  Add the girl of Will’s dreams, an evil steward, monks, and warriors, this is an awesome story of battle, glory … and all the other parts of war that people don’t think about when they think of the Crusades.  Both boys and girls will like this historical novel!

Book Two is called Green Jasper and details Ellie’s kidnapping by the awful Constable de Scabious, and the final book, Blaze of Silver, follows Will and Kamal as they try to raise the ransom to buy back King Richard’s freedom.  For another look at the Crusades (with a very funny voice to go with it) check out Catherine Jinks’ Pagan’s Crusade and others in that series.


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