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EVERWILD (Skinjackers Trilogy), by Neal Shusterman

Between heaven and hell, there's .... the Everworld

Looking for a cool and creepy read?  Check out Neal Shusterman’s “Skinjackers Trilogy” – Everwild.  Start with Everlost, where you’ll find the eerie place kids go when they somehow get sidetracked on their way to heaven.  In the Everworld, new arrivals Nick and Allie, killed in a car crash, have to learn the rules and figure out which side they’re going to be on, at the same time they’re trying to avoid being sucked into darkness.  The Chocolate Ogre wants to help kids move on to their next state, while scheming Mary Hightower has a group of followers she wants to keep right there with her.  In the second book of the trilogy, Nick and Allie are trying to stop an evil plan aimed at all the Everlost children.  The final book in the series is Everfound. Check them all out!


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