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RULES OF SURVIVAL, by Nancy Werlin

If you keep the rules, will it save your life?

If you keep the rules, will it save your life?

Matt knows that his mother has problems, and that her problems often become his.  Like the time he snitched a cookie and she followed him with a knife, holding it to his throat and drawing blood while yelling “Cookie thief!” – just to teach him not to steal.  Matt’s not as worried about himself as he is about his younger sisters, and he wonders desperately how to keep them safe.  His dad and his aunt are in denial and don’t want to get involved.

Enter Murdoch – he dates their mother and seems to really like the kids …until the mom’s crazy side shows up and he tries to make an exit.  When Nikki starts stalking him, things get worse and worse.  When his mother kidnaps Matt’s youngest sister, Matt finally realizes just how far he’ll go to keep the girls safe – and how far his mother will go to keep everyone and everything in her life clenched tight in her fist.

Think your parents are crazy?  Read this, and think again!


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