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THE LAB, by Jack Heath

He's your enemy ... and your clone!
He’s your enemy … and your clone!

Here’s a roller-coaster thrill ride of a book for everyone who likes action, adventure, and mystery!


Set in a future where the world as we know it has destroyed itself and the only thing left is a walled continent in the ocean, Agent Six of Hearts is working for The Deck, a shadowy group of vigilantes who want to overthrow the corrupt government that runs everyone’s lives.  Six is a clone, product of an illegal experiment by the Lab (a group of evil scientists) and he’s always had extraordinary strength – but he also thought he was the only one…until now.  Now he meets someone else with the same DNA as his, with the same power and drive – but without his commitment to fighting evil.  In fact, Kyntak works for the other guys!


Six’s life is spiraling out of control, just as his most dangerous mission confronts him.  Can he pull it together to save himself – and the rest of the world?



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