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HEROES OF THE VALLEY, by Jonathan Stroud

Are all heroes handsome and strong?

Are all heroes handsome and strong?




 Halli is short and unattractive – but he’s also brave and adventurous, and he dreams of the Heroes of Old … and of having fabulous adventures like theirs.


 But murder comes to Halli’s small kingdom, and he alone has the anger to try to avenge it.  Of course, things don’t go quite according to plan, and Halli doesn’t end up as the hero he envisions … and even the reader has to re-adjust his idea and opinions of what it takes to be a hero.  (Plus, at the end there’s an epic and creepy battle scene!  What’s not to like?)


 If you like the Eragon series and have the patience to read another big, thick book, this is a great choice.  It doesn’t have dragons, but it does have adventure, fighting, and even a good-looking girl to share Halli’s adventures.  And no, no one falls off the cliff in the first chapter, but keep reading!  This is a true adventure story.


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